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About Our Courses

Our Transformational Trading Techniques are designed for beginners and trader to change the way they think about trading and the trading markets.

Major Courses

7 Months Program
to be a Full Time Trader

Master Price Action Trading (MPAT)

Certified Program

Indicator free trading.

Manage high net worth portfolios.

Set your own trading desk.

Quantitative system development.​

Position sizing algorithm.

Trade management.

Multi time frame analysis.


Index F&O

Duration 7 Days

Trade future and options like never before. This course will present our series of proprietary mechanical trading system, helping you achieve market-beating returns to multiply your trading capital along the way.


Duration 8 WEEKS

Learn & Trade live with Asmita Patel. Strategies for every segment of the stock market.


Be a part of the biggest school of Trading.

Finding financial independence and breaking myths of the market. With the right education, each one of us can reach our trading goals.

This seven-day program stresses the importance of a disciplined, consistent methodology, with stringent risk controls, that allows you to catch big trends while limiting losses on unprofitable trades. Achieve market breaking returns by using 100% objective and rule-based system.

Learn & Trade live with Asmita Patel. Learn powerful & profitable strategies to trade every segment of the market.

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